Things to discuss:

  1. a forthcoming consortium group call before the next consortium meeting to get updates on development of demos until now: identify overlaps, opportunities for integration, synergies and matches with the proposal and project vision (all)
  2. dates and location for the next consortium meeting
    • LaBRI : Bordeaux this time? October?
  3. integration of Antoine's and Maria’s work in the BLIZAAR architecture
    • LaBRI : An intern is working on this until mid-July 18
  4. time planning and human resources for system integration and performance improvements (LIST)
  5. depending on the previous point: time planning and method for first user evaluations to validate user stories and give feedback on demos. Do we still have resources for people give input which would require more than fine-tuning of the demo? (C2DH)
  6. resources for further demo development following user feedback (LaBRI/LIST/EISTI)
  7. situation with EISTI Pau’s contributions after Joachim’s contract ends
  8. hopefully : ANR feedback on the project extension