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-===== Alternate Layer definition approach =====+===== Alternate Layer Data definition approach =====
 +{{:​list_qbe1png.png?​400 |Digital humanities variant of the list view}} {{:​list_qbe2png.png?​400|Defining Layers for the temporal aspect}}
 +As an alternative to the specific query for an entity approach described above, we also developed a visual interface to create queries that would return a working data set for the user to visualize as a multilayer network in the front end.
 +A list of available entities allows the user to draw a meta network, illustrating the entities to be retrieved. Clicking on an entity in this meta-network displays all the list of all entities related directly to the clicked one in the back end system. The size of the arc is proportional to the reality numbers of each entity type (see image on right above)
 +===== Aspect intersection visualization =====
 +It is also possible to combine aspects of layers to form their intersection , as can be seen in the image below
 +{{ :​dh_perspectives.png?​600 |}}
 +In this case the aspects describe the entity type aspect and the temporal aspect have been combined to visualise layers showing edges between people in different time periods. ​ Hovering over an entity highlights it's neighbors in the current layer, and all others being displayed.