Deliverable Name Type Expected Delivery Date
WP0 – Project Coordination and Dissemination - B. Pinaud (LaBRI) & M. Ghoniem (LIST)
D0.1 / D0.2 / D0.3 / D0.4 ANR / FNR progress reportsP. ReportsM6, M12, M18, M24
D0.5 ANR/FNR Final reportP. ReportsM36
D0.6 Consortium agreementAgreementM9
D0.7 Internal communication tools (website, mailing-list, …)WebsiteM3
WP1 – Conceptualization and Validation - M. Düring (CVCE, LU)
D1.1 Project Vision (Domain experts requirements, data models specification,…)R. ReportM6
D1.2 Experimental Procedure documentR. ReportM16
D1.3 Final prototype validationPublicationM38
WP2 – Prototype Design and Integration - F. McGee (LIST, LU)
D2.1 Project Architecture and design standards documentR. ReportM3; M12; M18; M24
D2.2 Data Access and analysis APIR. ReportEvery 3 months between M6 and M24
D2.3 Prototype ApplicationSoftwareM32
WP3 – Multilayer Network Visualizations - M. Ghoniem (LIST, LU)
D3.1 A survey on visualization of multilayer networkPublicationM12
D3.2 Multilayer network visualization task taxonomyPublicationM16
D3.3 Multilayer network visualization prototype(s)SoftwareM24
D3.4 Evaluation of novel techniques for visualizing multilayer networkPublicationM30
WP4 – Dynamic Network Visualizations - B. Pinaud (LaBRI, FR)
D4.1 Dynamic Network Visualization task taxonomyPublicationM16
D4.2 Dynamic Network visualization prototype(s)SoftwareM24
D4.3 Evaluation of novel techniques for dynamic network visualizationPublicationM30
WP5 – Hybrid Network visualizations - M. Malek (EISTI, FR)
D5.1 Exploring the Design Space of Hybrid VisualizationsPublicationM12
D5.2 Hybrid Visualizations for Dynamic Multilayer NetworksPublicationM16
D5.3 Hybrid Visualization of Multilayer Dynamic NetworksSoftwareM24
D5.4 Empirical Investigation of Visualization CompositionsPublicationM32