List of accepted publications

  • McGee, F. , Ghoniem, M. , Melançon, G. , Otjacques, B. and Pinaud, B. (2019), The State of the Art in Multilayer Network Visualization. Computer Graphics Forum. Doi: 10.1111/cgf.13610
  • B. Renoust, H. Reb, and G. Melançon, Animated Drag and Drop Interaction for Dynamic Multidimensional Graphs, Poster session of Pacific Visualization symposium 2019, Bangkok.
  • Laumond, A., Melançon, G. and Pinaud, B., 2017, eDOI: Exploratory Degree of Interest, Visual User Interest Based Exploration of Multilayer Networks, Poster, IEEE VIS 2017. Video preview 2-page abstract poster in pdf