WP2: Software Infrastructure for efficient collective productivity

Outputs from the Conceptualization task (part of WP1) include organized questions and graph visualization tasks worth investigating in the application domains. From the previous analysis activities, a number of visualization prototypes will be iteratively developed and will mature over time,  based on recurrent user feedback loops. These design activities may occur in parallel in the three visualization packages (WP3-5). Although the specific focus of each work package varies, they also share common concerns. These cross-cutting aspects are the main focus of WP2, aiming at improving the productivity of the partners by sharing a common infrastructure.

The two deliverables below follow an iterative process. They are regularly updated (see the last modified date on the page bottom and the history of each pages).

Project Architecture, tools, and design standards document

Data Access and analysis API

Framework draft ideas

BLIZAAR Server Administration

Below you can find links to the versions of the application software (node, neo4j and mongoDB) that are used for the project, as well as some of the development databases associated with the project.

Project development software installation

Project Development Databases